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About Instagram TV

Announced on June 20, 2018, IGTV is a part of Instagram that allows watching or upload a long-form, vertical video of the regular 120 seconds video from Instagram. The videos are up to 60 minutes long, can be vertical and full-screen.
Although there is a stand-alone IGTV app, you'll always be able to access it from inside the Instagram app. In the Instagram app, you will see a TV icon in the top right or on the profile page of a user, you will see a separate tab with IGTV logo.

How to download IGTV

To download igtv video you will only need a valid link of a video from Instagram. If you don't have the igtv video link, obtaining such a link is very easy.

  • Access Instagram app or Instagram web .
  • You need to access Instagram from the app or web. From the app, if you know the profile page of the favorite video, enter that profile. If you don't know the profile page, you can enter the search section and below the search input, you can press the IGTV icon so you search only for the IGTV videos.
    From the web version, if you know the profile page it's easier.

  • Copy the link
  • Once you entered the profile page, on the post tab list, press the IGTV icon so it shows all the Instagram tv videos. Scroll to the favorite video and press it. Once it's open from the bottom of the video, press the three dots icon ( ). From the pop-up press "Copy Link" text.
    From the web version, go to the igtv posts in the same way as in the app. Once you find the favorite igtv video press right-click on the video and press "Copy Link" or enter that video page and copy the URL from the browser input.
    Now the link is in your clipboard.

  • Download IGTV video
  • Go to (or return this page) and paste the link from your clipboard. Press download and from the redirect page you can download the video by pressing the "Download" button.